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52 Weeks

15 Nov

Yesterday was my anniversary. I felt okay when I got up. Energetic, even. I hung out until about 2 o’clock then I got busy cleaning my house. He texted me around 6. asked if I had gotten my new tv yet. We made small talk. I feel like he didn’t even remember, or worse, didn’t care.

Or maybe what my mom tells me is right; maybe this is just how he’s coping. I told him that I was getting the TV on black friday. It’s possible that he didn’t remember that I had told him when I was getting the TV, or he wanted to talk to me but didn’t know how. Maybe he was afraid to make me sad. I hope that’s it. I had so much planned for this weekend. I had been trying to figure out what we were gonna do for weeks. All for nothing, I guess. I’ve written him a letter. Now I gotta figure out whether or not I’m gonna send it.

Jeebus, why is this so damn hard?


Does this blog make me look fat?

17 Sep

I have a serious issue with lying. This includes the notion that if a woman asks if she looks fat, the correct answer is alway no. That’s just stupid. This has actually caused a few arguments in my current relationship, because after wearing my boyfriend down, I finally get the answer to whatever question he was afraid to answer honestly for fear of hurting my feelings.

I can get that you want your loved one to be happy. That’s fine. What’s not fine is sending a friend or lover out into the world looking like they tried to squeeze into something they saw at Baby Gap.

I also realize that this is the fault of women. When people, especially our significant others tell us something about ourselves that we’ve been trying to deny, it hurts. But at least it’s the truth. If you don’t like it, fix it. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to, nor questions to which the answer is too much for you to handle.

And if your honey tells you that you don’t look great in the outfit you’ve decided, be grateful that he doesn’t want you walking around looking like a hot dog that exploded in the microwave or a Lady Gaga backup dancer wannabe. Stop scaring our men into lying to us when we complain about them being dishonest all the time.

*hops off soapbox*


3 Sep

It’s the Friday before labor day, and nobody is at work today.

Nobody. It’s like this…

Except we have cubicles.

With the exception of a few people. So over here, it’s just me and Uncle Bill, an old fart who is extremely entertaining and always innapropriate in all the forms you can imagine. But it’s so empty and slow today that even he’s bored and quiet. grr. I wanna go home.

However, I will not go home because I’m paid hourly. I’m gonna milk the shit out of today. Just chillin’ at my desk, listening to Uncle Bill breathe so I can be sure that he’s still alive, and fielding calls from Crazy Debbie.

Boy is Crazy Debbie crazy. But that’s a different story for a different post.

I’m really hoping the power goes out or something.

One week from today…

8 Aug

I will have moved all the stuff I have in storage into the new place. I will have made appointments with the cable people, the electric people and the gas people. I’ll officially be in my own place.

I’m so excited!

I’m so scared.

I’m feeling really homesick right now, and boyfriend had to help me through a mini breakdown last night. I miss my mom and my family and it finally hit me that I moved away from home… I’m not away for school anymore. This is my new life. And though I’m scared and a little nervous, I am really excited and really proud of myself. I’ve worked really hard to get into the position I’m in.

And I get to go home next weekend and shop with my mommy 🙂