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3 Sep

It’s the Friday before labor day, and nobody is at work today.

Nobody. It’s like this…

Except we have cubicles.

With the exception of a few people. So over here, it’s just me and Uncle Bill, an old fart who is extremely entertaining and always innapropriate in all the forms you can imagine. But it’s so empty and slow today that even he’s bored and quiet. grr. I wanna go home.

However, I will not go home because I’m paid hourly. I’m gonna milk the shit out of today. Just chillin’ at my desk, listening to Uncle Bill breathe so I can be sure that he’s still alive, and fielding calls from Crazy Debbie.

Boy is Crazy Debbie crazy. But that’s a different story for a different post.

I’m really hoping the power goes out or something.