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52 Weeks

15 Nov

Yesterday was my anniversary. I felt okay when I got up. Energetic, even. I hung out until about 2 o’clock then I got busy cleaning my house. He texted me around 6. asked if I had gotten my new tv yet. We made small talk. I feel like he didn’t even remember, or worse, didn’t care.

Or maybe what my mom tells me is right; maybe this is just how he’s coping. I told him that I was getting the TV on black friday. It’s possible that he didn’t remember that I had told him when I was getting the TV, or he wanted to talk to me but didn’t know how. Maybe he was afraid to make me sad. I hope that’s it. I had so much planned for this weekend. I had been trying to figure out what we were gonna do for weeks. All for nothing, I guess. I’ve written him a letter. Now I gotta figure out whether or not I’m gonna send it.

Jeebus, why is this so damn hard?


Does this blog make me look fat?

17 Sep

I have a serious issue with lying. This includes the notion that if a woman asks if she looks fat, the correct answer is alway no. That’s just stupid. This has actually caused a few arguments in my current relationship, because after wearing my boyfriend down, I finally get the answer to whatever question he was afraid to answer honestly for fear of hurting my feelings.

I can get that you want your loved one to be happy. That’s fine. What’s not fine is sending a friend or lover out into the world looking like they tried to squeeze into something they saw at Baby Gap.

I also realize that this is the fault of women. When people, especially our significant others tell us something about ourselves that we’ve been trying to deny, it hurts. But at least it’s the truth. If you don’t like it, fix it. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to, nor questions to which the answer is too much for you to handle.

And if your honey tells you that you don’t look great in the outfit you’ve decided, be grateful that he doesn’t want you walking around looking like a hot dog that exploded in the microwave or a Lady Gaga backup dancer wannabe. Stop scaring our men into lying to us when we complain about them being dishonest all the time.

*hops off soapbox*

All I need in life.

8 Sep

My dining set has finally arrived. I know I griped about the stupid shipping company and how they said they didn’t do stairs and all that but the guy was on time, and went against company policy and took it up the stairs for me. Thanks, dude!

But that’s not what I came here to write about today, I’ll post how putting it together goes when I get to it. I came to write about this…

The Nikon D3000. (It’s actually the 3100 but I’m too lazy energy conservative to go get the right picture)

I think it’s gorgeous. And the back of the camera isn’t super scary like most swanky cameras.

Now, this is why I need it:

1) My camera sucks. Really. It’s a digital camera by Polaroid that I can’t stand because everything comes out blurry. Also, if I use the flash the picture is too light or even too dark depending on how light my subject is. If I leave the flash off, I can’t see anything at all.

2) I have a gorgeous goddaughter that deserves to be photographed so I can plaster her face all over my cubicle but my camera never wants to work when she’s around.

3) Just the sight of it makes me really, really happy.

And I think that’s all that matters.

The Walkthrough

12 Aug

Yesterday, I saw my apartment. And I loved it. I’d been imagining how I would put things together in the floor plan that I had printed, but I could finally see it.

I’ll post pics as soon as I dig out my camera, but trust me when I say it was awesome. It’s not huge, but it’s not tiny like my room in my old place was and it’s all mine.

My feelings got the best of me yesterday and when I thought about everything that was happening, I started to cry . It was extremely overwhelming to think of all of my new responsibilities, and how far away my mommy is. But I know I can do this! And I am SO excited to start my journey.

I get the keys tomorrow after work. I’ll be moving in on Saturday. Let’s go!