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One Day at a Time.

1 Jun

I miss him so much today. I’ve been trying to stop thinking about it but I can’t get him out of my head. But it’s ok. It’ll get better.

I should be getting my Marley (or Daisy, depending on who you ask) back tomorrow! Yay! I missed her so. And even though the walking was good for me, I’m over it. It’s too fucking hot for that.

And not only is my car coming home, but my Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual spoils will be here too! Yee! I knew that June would be better. It just had to be ūüôā


I’m pretty sure that in my past life I killed kittens and punted babies.

1 Jun

I was seriously hoping that from here forward my little blog would be a happy place, but let me tell you about the worst week in the history of terrible weeks.

No, seriously. Shit was BAD, yo.


I found out in the afternoon that I wouldn’t be going to Law School this year as planned and it pissed me off and broke my heart. I wanted to be there more than anything, and it literally felt like I was dying. I hadn’t felt so sad since my breakup (See: Saturday for added shittiness). The worst part wasn’t even that I wouldn’t be going; it was letting down all the people who were so proud of me. My mom says that everyone is still proud of me, but I can’t help hating myself a little.

Then, later in order to quell some of my sorrow, I decided a Chipotle burrito was in order. As I was driving to the new one nearest my apartment, I got pulled over. Apparently, the motor vehicle people didn’t have proof of my insurance (even though I sent it in APRIL) and there was a pickup order on my tags. The officer literally took my license plates. Which meant I could’t drive home. So I had to walk two miles in a sheer tank top and sweats, at 9pm. The officer didn’t even wait to make sure I had a ride. Bitch.


I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to get my car back. Turns out, the vehicle people were closed for the holiday. On FRIDAY. And wouldn’t be back until TUESDAY. Fucking bastards. Then I call the police to inquire as to whether my car was safe in the residential neighborhood where it was parked and they assured me that they would impound it at the earliest opportunity and I needed it to be moved to private property. This is the fucking DC metro area! There is NO private parking space! So the rest of the day was spent calculating how much it would cost if the police took it, and trying to figure out alternatives. Boo.


Saw my ex and his new girl. Who, oddly yet predictably, resembles me, in my opinion. Wanted to die.


I stayed in the house all day. The world outside the apartment is a scary and unforgiving place. This is also the day that the grief I had been ignoring over seeing the man I love with the woman who replaced me (or I replaced, depending on how you look at it. It’s kinda complicated) caught up with me. I spent a majority of the day crying and tiring myself out, then napping and waking up to cry again. Awesome.


The first really good day that I had since Thursday, my bestie and I went to the new Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, then went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was super!

I’m really hoping that I get a break this week. And June¬†should be all together better than¬†May.¬†Fingers crossed.

*I wanted to include pictures but I don’t have any that are relevant unless you want a picture of me doing the ugly cry**.¬†Which I could totally supply.¬†

**crying actually makes my eyes turn a lovely shade of green, which makes me feel a glimmer of happiness during whatever event is making me do the ugly cry. Like watching The Notebook or mourning the death of my relationship.