This is how Barbara Streisand must have felt in Yentl…

29 Sep

I haven’t been being me. Which is the whole reason I ever decided to blog in the first place. I’ve been trying to keep it pretty clean, since I often comment on The Pioneer Woman and I know that’s gotten me some clickies, and I didn’t wanna scare any of those lovely people away.

But the truth is, I cuss. A lot. More like Jenny, The Bloggess than Ree, the Pioneer Woman. And that’s okay. I love them both. But I have to be Jo.Or I’ll never be able to blog about anything and I’ll have to keep all my weird thoughts in my head for fear of offending anyone and then I’ll get a huge headache from internalizing my struggles and then that’ll just suck. So yeah.

Well. That feels better.


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