The Wal Marts strikes again

3 Sep

Two weeks ago I ordered a pretty super awesome dining room table from Wal Mart. I was dead set on having a counter height table, but I didn’t want to pay counter height prices, and I was thrilled to find one for a good price that I really liked.


So, I ordered her.

It was a new product and there were no reviews on it, so we’ll see how that goes but I fell in love. The shelves underneath is where I’ll keep cards and board games!

Grown Up cards and board games.

But I’m rambling.

So I get this call from a 1-866 number while at work one day. I ignore it. I google it, and it’s the number from the listed shipping company that wal mart uses. I check the voicemail they leave and hooray! My dining room table is here!

Actually, it’s in Baltimore.

Which is 45 minutes away WITHOUT traffic. And there’s always traffic. On a regular day. It’s the day before a holiday weekend. It sucks.

So, then I try to schedule a delivery for this weekend when it’s, you know CONVENIENT, and the tell me that they don’t do requests (What?) and that they’ll be in my area on Tuesday (Really?) between 10 and 2 (ok, seriously?).

So I curse the guy out in my head and concede to taking the morning off work and being there. Then the guy says, “oh yeah. We don’t do stairs.”


So now, I have to be home when they deliver my 150 pound dining set and I have to figure out how to get it into my second floor apartment?

Fuck My Life.

And fuck you, Wal Mart.


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