well, I guess Comcast is okay.

21 Aug

That’s Ron. The cable guy. And he is awesome.

Let me start by saying that I will probably still hate them once my bill comes at the end of the month. But for now, they get a pass.

My installation in the apartment was scheduled for the window between 11 and 2 today, so I was expecting to receive my cable at sometime around 4. But to my surprise the lovely Ron showed up at 11:35 armed with my service order in hand. The order was wrong, of course, but he asked me what I was supposed to get and he said that I would get what I wanted.

I love it when I get what I want.

So it took him most of the two and a half hours he was there, but that was fine with me. I guess I see now how technicians end up running late. He said, “I have other appointments, but they’re gonna have to wait since you need the most work.”

I love it when I’m the most important.

So anyway, he hooked me all up. Told me that my wireless router would be here in a few days by mail and plugged my ethernet cord and went on his way. And it was glorious.



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