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Who set the Air Conditioning to friggin’ Sarah Palin???

26 Aug


I’m at work, and I’m effing freezing. Why the hell is it that offices always find the need to set the AC to Arctic?? It does nothing but make me want to crawl under my desk, wrap myself in a suit jacket and hibernate. I once heard that they do it in order to keep people alert, but come the hell on. What happens to animals in the winter??

They hibernate, aka sleep, you dumb ass.

Then at home, whenever my ac isn’t on the highest setting, it makes this awful, high pitched shriek and it sounds like a drowning sarah palin. I want to push it out of the window but then it’ll be too hot. My life.

So, in the 6 1/2 hours that I have been at my desk, I’ve only done 2 things that I was supposed to do. 1) because it had a deadline and 2) because boss lady was hovering about my desk. It’s almost time to leave and I can’t wait to friggin’ defrost.


well, I guess Comcast is okay.

21 Aug

That’s Ron. The cable guy. And he is awesome.

Let me start by saying that I will probably still hate them once my bill comes at the end of the month. But for now, they get a pass.

My installation in the apartment was scheduled for the window between 11 and 2 today, so I was expecting to receive my cable at sometime around 4. But to my surprise the lovely Ron showed up at 11:35 armed with my service order in hand. The order was wrong, of course, but he asked me what I was supposed to get and he said that I would get what I wanted.

I love it when I get what I want.

So it took him most of the two and a half hours he was there, but that was fine with me. I guess I see now how technicians end up running late. He said, “I have other appointments, but they’re gonna have to wait since you need the most work.”

I love it when I’m the most important.

So anyway, he hooked me all up. Told me that my wireless router would be here in a few days by mail and plugged my ethernet cord and went on his way. And it was glorious.


Move-In Weekend

17 Aug

This past weekend was move-in weekend!! yayyy! Even though I still haven’t spent the night there yet.

Yesterday, I headed over to my place after driving home from work and packing up a whole bunch of my shit from boyfriend’s. I think I’ve figured out how I want my bedroom to be set up, and I can’t wait for all the stuff my mom bought on overstock to get here.

Out of the two hours that I was in my place last night, I think only 45 minutes was actually spent DOING SOMETHING. The rest of the time was 1) me franticallythrowing my clothes off because I had just carried a huge suitcase, a duffel bag and 3 boxes up 2 flights of stairs in 100 degree weather 2) lying on the floor naked, begging mother nature to just skip to November because I can’t take it anymore (caveat: I’m already comfy enough to be nudie in new digs! But honestly, it doesn’t take much) and 3) letting it really sink in that I have my own place. It was great.

So now, I have to upack my stuff, find places for all my trinkets and figure out where the hell to put on my books, but such is life. And knowing me, none of that will probably get done until next weekend.

The Walkthrough

12 Aug

Yesterday, I saw my apartment. And I loved it. I’d been imagining how I would put things together in the floor plan that I had printed, but I could finally see it.

I’ll post pics as soon as I dig out my camera, but trust me when I say it was awesome. It’s not huge, but it’s not tiny like my room in my old place was and it’s all mine.

My feelings got the best of me yesterday and when I thought about everything that was happening, I started to cry . It was extremely overwhelming to think of all of my new responsibilities, and how far away my mommy is. But I know I can do this! And I am SO excited to start my journey.

I get the keys tomorrow after work. I’ll be moving in on Saturday. Let’s go!

Mondays should be Illegal

9 Aug

It’s Monday. I hate Monday. After a blissful weekend with my boyfriend who had just returned from a weeklong vacation, I’m back at my desk trying to ignore all the things I need to do.

I’m counting down the days until move-in, both with excitement and trepidation. I’m ecstatic about getting my own place to make my own, yet terrified of being so far away from my family. Also, I’ve gotten quite used to living with boyfriend for the past weeks and I’ll really miss that.

grr. More emails. Shoot meeeee!

One week from today…

8 Aug

I will have moved all the stuff I have in storage into the new place. I will have made appointments with the cable people, the electric people and the gas people. I’ll officially be in my own place.

I’m so excited!

I’m so scared.

I’m feeling really homesick right now, and boyfriend had to help me through a mini breakdown last night. I miss my mom and my family and it finally hit me that I moved away from home… I’m not away for school anymore. This is my new life. And though I’m scared and a little nervous, I am really excited and really proud of myself. I’ve worked really hard to get into the position I’m in.

And I get to go home next weekend and shop with my mommy 🙂

Hello world!

6 Aug

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!